Capurro Transformation

2018 Residential Citation Award

Hawkins and Associates

Hawkins and Associates’ goal for the Capurro Transformation was to reimagine a 1930s bungalow in an older urban area of Reno into a modern dwelling for a professional couple who were at the “empty nester” phase in their lives. Over the last several years, the clients had developed a taste for modern architecture, interiors and furniture. They requested a total transformation of their bungalow into a functioning, energy efficient, modern home.

The concept Hawkins and Associates devised was to manipulate existing tiny rooms into creative volumes of space that felt larger by borrowing space from one another, as well as making the spaces more functional with minimal detailing. The clients were encouraged to stay within the perimeter of the existing footprint as the most important sustainable design decision for the project.

Prior to the renovation, there was only one thing the wife desired to keep of their old lives – a plant that had been a cherished gift. There is a special niche in the living room where the old plant is still thriving.