Desert Wind Homes Office Building

2018 Commercial Citation Award Winner

Frame Architecture

Desert Wind Homes purchased the existing residential building in 2015 and initially intended to renovate the structure as the site for their new office. The building, located in a residential-turned-commercial area, came with its own set of challenges for Frame Architecture to overcome. During construction, major structural issues were discovered: delaminating beams, fractured joists and hollow clay tile walls with no structural value.

In tackling the structural challenges of the building, Frame Architecture’s goal was to design a project which would make a strong contemporary statement, while being complimentary to the existing historical neighborhood. The team was also challenged with the task of making “small feel big” as zoning ordinances limited the building to the original footprint.

The owners wanted to maximize natural light and create a private outdoor space. Frame Architecture maintained the main level entry space and captured natural light with full height glass walls in the conference room and upper level offices. The 18-foot cantilevered roof created the private outdoor space the owner required. Originally, the exterior materials were going to be a combination of stucco and stone veneer; however, during construction a source of reclaimed barnwood siding was discovered and we reworked the exterior to incorporate this material.