The Talus

2018 Residential Citation Award

FormGrey Studio

Conceived in 2008 and finished in 2016, the Talus was a contemporary remodel of an existing blighted single-family residence in Northern Reno. Designed and constructed by Nathaniel Hudson of FormGrey Studio as his private residence, the building exhibits successful experimentations in material assemblies and programming/function. 

Key principles to this indoor environment revolved around an obsession with hand-made craft, simple yet celebrated detail, and honest material expression building upon an inherent connection to the raw beauty of the mountainous region of Northern Nevada.

As this home was left unoccupied and became blighted, a considerable amount of effort went into the design and construction of the interior. The home exhibits low VOC urethane finished plywood floors cut into 2’-0” x 10’-0” planks and a floating open-riser stair is constructed of the same plywood as well as re-proposed steel.  Multiple sliding walls configured as large barn doors allow spaces to be closed or naturally and perceptually flow when open. These sliding walls were fabricated from repurposed steel and maple from discarded old public library shelving.

In the living and entertainment area of the home, the design accommodated a need for entertaining in a very small main level footprint of 1,200 sf by successfully blending the living and kitchen spaces for multi-purpose use. This large stainless-steel galley kitchen incorporates hand-made glass fiber reinforced white concrete countertops for a high level of sophistication and cleanliness.

The master bathroom features a large soaking tub creatively positioned for privacy to and from neighbors adjacent to a window for natural lighting and a custom curb less TIG welded steel shower made of repurposed ¼” cold-rolled steel plates. Drainage is directed into a custom recessed trench drain. 

The home’s natural Southeast exposure allowed Nathaniel to open the south façade for winter passive solar heating, and with the use of the dark colored floors, the building works like a large solar collector in the winter months substantially offsetting the required mechanical heating load necessary in our climate. The sliding walls also allow for natural daylight to reach deep into the building and touch all spaces on the main and loft levels of the home.

All fabrication and construction for this home was performed by Nathaniel and various other members of the local Northern Nevada architectural community.